Objective-C / Swift Tutorials, Resources and Competitions for the iPhone Developer

Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Part 1- Hello World

iOS Development Swift Tutorial Apple recently announced a pretty major change to the way iOS apps have been developed in the past, an entirely different programming language called Swift which replaces Objective-C. In my efforts to learn the new language, I’ve decided I will be posting regularly as I step through the learning process, sharing everything I find. This is the first post of many on the topic, and I hope you decide to follow along! Are you wanting to build a Swift application ...

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I’m a designer by profession, here’s my story in learning iOS development

So you’ve decided that iOS development is for you, or maybe you haven’t and you need some convincing. You have heard or read success stories on small ideas generating tons of money in the Apple Store, and your keen to get on board, but your afraid of the overwhelmingly large iOS documentation, or worse, having your app rejected by Apple! Don’t fear, I was, and still am of that opinion.

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A Recommended Reading list for any and all budding iPhone Developers

This could just be me here, however I find it so much easier to read from a book than a screen or an iPhone. I must also admit, that there is a guilty pleasure I have about owning books. There is just something great about a full book shelf. Anyways I digress. Keep reading for a list of recommended (by the twitter community) books for the budding iPhone Application developer. Not exclusively for the newbies, I find that these can ...

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