Thanks for you patience on this one. It took a good deal longer to complete given the sheer size and level of detail the retina display has. It wasn’t a simple scale-up from the last file. It was clear as we created it that Apple has spent a lot of time considering how each element should be translated to such a dense resolution. What were single pixel elements are now two or three pixels thick and effects are exaggerated to become visible. For anyone designing for the retina display (640 x 960) it really is quite a different experience. When you work at 100% everything seems absolutely huge but small details get lost when viewing it on the device. You really need to be mindful of how it looks on the phone since your monitor displays things so differently.

The file is huge, both in file size (62.7MB) and dimension (4074 x 2986). You’ll need to work at 25% – 50% even on the largest screens to roughly grab elements before zooming into 100% for the actual work.

Pay whatcha’ like

We’ve always just created this file for ourselves and shared it freely. It takes a good deal of time to create and maintain but it saves us a lot of effort on projects and pitches – we hope it does the same for you. So, this time around we’re asking anyone who actually gets some use out of it to pay whatcha’ like. Hate it? Don’t pay anything.


[1] – Image & text submitted originally: http://www.teehanlax.com/downloads/iphone-4-guid-psd-retina-display/
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Download iPhone GUI PSD

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