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How to apply distortions to a UIImage using OpenGL ES

GPUIImage Logo I’m going to show you how you can create effects like; dents, pinching, twisting, squashing, etc. on a UIImage using OpenGL ES as seen in the iPhone Application: PhotoTwist.

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Supporting Dynamic Type for iOS 7 Apps

In a program I was working on, I decided to use Dynamic Type. You can read about it on my blog, but suffice it to say, it is a new way of handling text sizes in iOS7. The user can set a value in their iOS device’s settings to set all text to be bigger or smaller than default, for any app that implements Dynamic Type. This is a bit more advanced than my other posts, but it is surprisingly ...

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How to make UITextField move up when keyboard is present

When the user taps in a text field, that text field becomes the first responder and automatically asks the system to display the associated keyboard.

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How to create an Objective-C Delegate

iOS development tutorial Firstly, What is an Objective-C Delegate? Well.. An Objective-C delegate is just an object that has been assigned as a delegate of another. There’s no special process for creating them; you simply define a class that implements the delegate methods you’re interested in.

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Xcode 5 – Tips and tricks

Xcode Logo Xcode is the most used IDE for iOS development. Apple is doing a great job in updating and adding features to it. Knowing how to take advantage of its capabilities can help you code faster and more efficiently. Check out this Guide for Xcode 5 shortcuts, tips and tricks.

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