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iOS 7 in-line UIDatePicker – Part 1

One of the new features in iOS 7 is the in-line UIDatePicker. You might have noticed in the Calendar app or in the Reminder app that when you want to select a date for your event, instead of seeing the UIDatePicker come up from the bottom of the screen like the keyboard, now you see it below the cell that contains the date. This is how it looks like in the Calendar app: Today we are going to see how ...

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iOS 7 Interactive Transitions

It’s been a while and after some long due time off I’m finally back with a new iOS tutorial. I wanted to add some more details to my showing you how to implement an interactive transition and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this article! This shows a preview of what we’re going to create and here you can find the source code used for this tutorial. Interactive vs Animated transition The main difference between these two ways ...

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iOS 7: how to use UIGravityBehavior tutorial

xcode bomb image iOS 7 provides us with some new and exciting functions in the UIKit Dynamics classes set. This tutorial will show you how to create a falling object in your iOS Application using the iOS 7 UIGravityBehavior.

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Animated progress view with CAGradientLayer

Modern software design is getting flatter and thinner all the time. Another trend that follows suit is the thin, one pixel progress bar that you see at the top of websites and apps. You’ve seen in it on Medium blogs, mobile Safari and other apps on iOS 7. I’m going to show you how to create a component like this to use in your own apps. This particular component I’ve created was inspired by the PHHHOTO website (bottom of the ...

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Create falling objects in your iOS Application using NSTimer

xcode bomb image In this tutorial I will be showing you have to create a basic iPhone Application that has an object, in this case an image, which falls from the top of the screen at a random location.

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Objective-C: Using NSTimer

A great and insightful introduction to the Objective-C: NSTimer Class.

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