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HTPressableButton – an Open Source iOS Component For Creating Great Looking Customizable Animated Buttons

HTPressableButton is designed for iOS developers to be able to spend time developing ideas, not building basic buttons.

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Integrating Social Media in your iOS Applications

In this iPhone development tutorial we are going tο show how you can post on Facebook and Twitter via your app using the Social framework.

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Win 1 of 3 copies of: Dringend: A fully-fledged iOS & Mac development environment on your iPad

Dringend: A fully-fledged iOS & Mac development environment on your iPad Josh Garnham, the Creator of Dringend: A fully-fledged iOS & Mac development environment on your iPad has given us the rights to give away three copies of this absolutely, awesome and powerful app.

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Objective-C: Introduction to Categories

Have you ever wished you could add a method to an existing class that you don’t have the code for? Well, now you can, with Objective-C Categories.

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Getting the user’s location using CoreLocation

xcode location tutorial In this iPhone application development tutorial we are going to create an app which will present the user’s location info such as; geographical coordinates, altitude and speed using the CoreLocation Framework.

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How to Add Caching to Cloud Functions in Parse

is a popular backend-as-a-service () that essentially gives developers a virtual database and app server in the cloud. You can create a “cloud code endpoint” with a unique name that accepts any number of parameters. This endpoint can then be invoked by the mobile SDK, and a response returned. This response can consist of any number of data objects. For standard database queries, this SDK comes with an additional powerful feature: client-side caching. However, the Parse mobile SDK does not ...

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Creating a Custom Rotation Gesture Recognizer for iOS Apps

Any developer with aspirations of creating a killer app will almost certainly expand the UI beyond the standard offerings provided by Apple. While the standard API is functional and fairly complete, the intense competition in the App Store requires the user experience (UX) to be exceptional, highly attractive, and immediately intuitive. Even with beautiful graphics, the touch interface needs to be flawless and instinctive, which often times requires extending the standard touch gestures. The standard Apple API class UIGestureRecognizer supports ...

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How to Accept Multiple Enum Values in a Property or Method

Every iOS developer has probably come across a property or method in an API that accepts multiple enum values at once, separated by a vertical pipe. How does that work, and how can we do the same?

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