Objective-C / Swift Tutorials, Resources and Competitions for the iPhone Developer

Asynchronous Message Passing With Actors in Objective-C

Although we are all in love with Objective-C, the power of a language itself is given by its inner features. Languages like Ada have a built-in concurrency model, while Objective-C needs external libraries (let’s say libdispatch) to try to achieve the same power of expression found in richer languages. The same happened for the implementation of the Actor Model. The standout language for the feature of asynchronous message passing using the actor model is Erlang. From Wikipedia: The actor model ...

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Introduction to iOS8 Swift Series: Strings

Swift 2.0 Tutorial This part of the iOS 8 Swift Programming Language tutorial Series covers Strings. Like most programming languages Strings are extremely useful. Find out how to use strings in Swift here.

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Introduction to iOS8 Swift Series: Constant and Variables

Swift 2.0 Tutorial As all developers related to iOS and mac OS X app development are aware of the fact that Apple launched new programming language to develop IOS and mac OS X apps. This new programming language is named as SWIFT. In this post we will cover basic part of the language.

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iOS 8 Swift Hello World and Introduction

We all knew Apple is going to release new features and APIs at WWDC this year and half way through the keynote there were already lots of new and exciting announcements. And then, out of the blue, Swift came along and the world will never be the same. The brand new programming language is definitely the most exciting thing announced this year and I couldn’t wait for the Xcode download to finish so I can play with it. When learning ...

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Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Part 7 – Animations, Audio, and Custom Table View Cells

In the previous iOS8 Swift Tutorials we went over some basics of the iOS8 programming language: Swift, and set up a simple example project that creates a Table View and a puts some API results from iTunes inside of them.

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Getting REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) in iOS8 Swift and Terminal

This quick tip will show you have to get REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) using iOS8 Swift and Terminal.

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Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Part 6 – Interaction with multiple views

This article is part of the create iOS8 Applications with Swift tutorial series, here are the other published articles: Slimming down our API Controller code First off, our original plan was to show iTunes music information. So let’s modify the API controller to better handle this information. Before we start making changes I want to simplify the class. We’re going to use the sendAsynchronousRequest we learned about in part 5, and slim down our API controller. To do that, let’s ...

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Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Create a To-Do Application

In this iOS8 Swift Tutorial, I will show you how to create a To-Do like application using Swift, the new programming language from Apple. This tutorial is based on the Objective-C Counterpart over on the

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