Objective-C / Swift Tutorials, Resources and Competitions for the iPhone Developer

Quick Tip: Scrolling animation – UIScrollView

So I wanted an animated UIScrollView which iterated around a collection of UIViews that had been programmatically added to my UIScrollView.

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FREE PDF: Zen and the Art of the Objective-C Craftsmanship

This awesome resource was started in November 2013. The initial goal was to provide guidelines to write the most clean Objective-C code possible: there are too many guidelines out there and all of them are debatable. We didn’t aim introducing hard rules but, instead, a way for writing code to be more uniform as possible across different developers. With time the scope moved to explain how to design and architecture good code.

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RestKit – An open source objective-c library for prototyping and testing a RESTful API service

RestKit is a beautiful open source objective-c library which is used for prototyping and testing a RESTful API service.

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HTPressableButton – an Open Source iOS Component For Creating Great Looking Customizable Animated Buttons

HTPressableButton is designed for iOS developers to be able to spend time developing ideas, not building basic buttons.

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Animated progress view with CAGradientLayer

Modern software design is getting flatter and thinner all the time. Another trend that follows suit is the thin, one pixel progress bar that you see at the top of websites and apps. You’ve seen in it on Medium blogs, mobile Safari and other apps on iOS 7. I’m going to show you how to create a component like this to use in your own apps. This particular component I’ve created was inspired by the PHHHOTO website (bottom of the ...

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Objective-C: Cheat Sheet

The ultimate Objective-C tutorial Cheat Sheet to help you with your iOS Development Journey.

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A Collection of Free iOS 7 GUI Kits and Templates

We have compiled a great list of iOS 7 GUI Kits and general files/resources to help you design beautiful native iOS Applications.

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libHN: Cocoa framework for adding HackerNews to your iOS/Mac app

The definitive Cocoa framework for adding HackerNews to your iOS/Mac app. This mini library includes features such as grabbing Posts (including filtering by Top, Ask, New, Jobs, Best), Comments, Logging in, and Submitting new posts/comments!

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