Objective-C / Swift Tutorials, Resources and Competitions for the iPhone Developer

Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Part 1- Hello World

iOS Development Swift Tutorial Apple recently announced a pretty major change to the way iOS apps have been developed in the past, an entirely different programming language called Swift which replaces Objective-C. In my efforts to learn the new language, I’ve decided I will be posting regularly as I step through the learning process, sharing everything I find. This is the first post of many on the topic, and I hope you decide to follow along! Are you wanting to build a Swift application ...

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How to Code Custom iOS Buttons

tapptics-thumb Buttons are one, if not the, most primary controls used to trigger an action in iOS. Being able to style a UIButton can add great detail to your application. When broken down, a programmer has a lot of built-in control over the visual appearance of a button. 2.0 Visual Enhancements Changing the look of a UITableView gives your application “that extra touch”. By visually altering the appearance, you are open to extend your creativity and better brand your application. 2.1 ...

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