Objective-C / Swift Tutorials, Resources and Competitions for the iPhone Developer

Win a ticket to the 360iDev (2014) Conference

360idevholder About the event 360|iDev is the leading iPhone developer conference in the world. Our focus is to bring the best and brightest in the developer community together for 3 days of incredible sessions, awesome parties, good times, and learning. We were the first iPhone developer conference, and are regarded my many as the best. We focus not on marketing hype, or selling books, or anything like that. Our focus is the community. Helping new people get into the community, and ...

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Games – An Integral Part Of iPhone Application Development

Not so long ago, games were primarily an area of interest for toddlers and teenagers and were developed keeping them in mind as the target audience. This trend changed due to an escalating number of mobile devices and gaming consoles introduced in the market in last few decades. Games are considered as a separate category under mobile applications and are being developed for all age groups – from a 5-year old to a 50-year old, on various mobile devices. Apple ...

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