Objective-C / Swift Tutorials, Resources and Competitions for the iPhone Developer

Introduction to Swift Programming for beginners

Swift 2.0 Tutorial When starting any language it’s important to get a firm understanding of the basics. This beginners introduction to programming with Swift will do just that. Mentioning best practices and coding conventions you’ll be developing iOS 8 apps in Swift in no time.

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Introduction to UIStackView

When it comes to work with Auto Layout to build a complex user interface, it happens that you end up creating a huge number of constraints. Some of those constraints are needed for the main structure, some other are needed just to keep some secondary elements aligned. That said, even if you are skilled enough with Auto Layout, updating crowded user interfaces is… annoying. There isn’t a quick and easy way to go through this task and, sometimes, the risk ...

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Swift 2.0: Print & Repeat-While

Like most things that get a version update, there are bound to be some changes and replacements. Swift 2.0 is no different. Print is now replacing Println and the Repeat-While loop is now replacing the Do-While loop.

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Check API Availability with Swift 2

On June the 8th 2015, Apple announced Swift 2.0 at WWDC. This Swift 2.0 Tutorial will show you how to check API Availability using the new syntax #available.

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Swift Playground Tip – Using External Code Files

One of the nice additions to the XCode 6.3 release was the introduction of a feature in Swift Playgrounds that might not be immediately obvious to you but is immensely useful. You can now easily include code in separate files. This means you can test small snippets or entire custom classes and then use that code file directly in your projects, very cool for testing and development without the need to create an entire application project. Let’s give it a ...

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Win a copy of Swift Pocket Reference

Swift Pocket Reference We have four books left to give away and this time the one we are giving away is the Swift Pocket Reference (Programming for iOS 8 and OS X) by Anthony Gray. This small book is beautifully written and pleasantly Succinct. Out of all the books to have in your collection, this is definitely one Swift book that you should add to your shelf.

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How to create an Objective-C Bridging header

facebook logo So you want to use an Objective-C Library or SDK in your Swift application eh? Well do not fret. This quick tutorial will show You how you can create an Objective-C Bridging Header in your Swift application so you can use them both together and seamlessly.

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Swift: Type Annotations

Type Annotations in Swift are a really useful way to make sure that the specified value matched that of the expected value. This is extremely useful when using functions and declaring your variables.

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Swift: Tuples an introduction

A Tuple in Swift is a neat way to store multiple values in a single value. You will probably come across tuples in a return function or class. So a tuple is basically a way to represent a collection of values that are closely linked to each other.

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